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About the property

Dalsgrenda is situated on a ridge above Hegglandsvannet with a view of the water and the surrounding areas. Nature, open air and family life are key words for the area. The place offers a fantastic scenery, water for fishing and canoeing trips, mountains folding around which offers great walks and only 6-7 minutes drive to Os downtown.

Hegglandsdalen has had a formidable increase in interest from home buyers in recent years and several have experienced a very high increase in value for what they have bought here. It will probably be built a new elementary school only about 2.5 km from the property towards Os, and which may be ready for use already in 2019/2020. 

Hegglandsdalen is an area that is believed to have great potential in the coming years

  • Balanced ventilation
  • Balcony / Terrace
  • broadband Connectivity
  • Garage / parking place
  • Public water / sewage
  • parquet
  • Fireplace
  • Two full tiled bathrooms
  • Tiles corridor 1.etg
  • Tile laundry room
  • Parquet floor
  • Painted plaster on walls and ceiling

Possibility of changes to room division

Finished in june

Ground floor: 3 bedrooms, hall, bathroom, storage room and outside sports booth.
2nd floor: Living room / kitchen and bedroom.

Sports shed is not included in the parking space.

The plot is 911m2 and divided into two so that each apartment gets their own property with parking and driveway. The applicable zoning plan for the field is 20021000 Strønevatnet-Kolabakkane

BRA: about 118 sqm P-ROM: approx. 123 sqm S-ROM: about 5 sqm
1st floor: BRA: approx. 61.5 sqm | P-room: approx. 56.5 sqm | S-room: about 5 sqm
2nd floor: BRA: approx. 61.5 sqm | P-room: approx 61,5 sqm

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By using local suppliers we ensure value creation in Os municipality